Art21 - Extended Play



In between longform projects, I edit shorts like these for Art21’s Extended Play series. The short profiles document the processes of 21st century artists. I’ve had the honor of editing pieces on Jack Whitten, Kara Walker and Marcel Dzama. It’s been an exceptional experience peering into each artist’s process and philosophy. I grew up painting, drawing and going to art museums, and I even caught a few late night episodes of Art21 as a teen. So coming to the table with a passion and love for art, Marcel even inspired me to break out some water colors. The Jack Whitten piece screened at the 2018 Bushwick Film Festival, and was embedded in this NYTimes piece on Jack’s sculpture work and life. “Sending Out A Signal,” featuring Kara Walker and Jason Moran, was linked to in this Forbes article on Kara and Art21. There are two more pieces with Marcel to debut, which will feature him and his process of collaboration with other artists and performers.